Monday, December 26, 2011

Cum kissing and swapping

Kissing is already one of the hottest things ever invented, but have you ever thought about stepping things up a notch and tried kissing your partner with your/his cum?  A lot of people have the knee-jerk reaction of finding the idea to be "nasty", "gay", or "wrong".  Yet many of these individuals, usually men, get off just fine watching women do it with each other!  I, as a heterosexual man, find taking my own cum into my mouth and sharing it with my girlfriend to be one of the most erotic things one can possibly do.  If you don't think so, please read on or at the very least try it yourself!  If you read on, I will provide tips on accomplishing it and being able to enjoy it yourself!

I'm actually very fascinated as to why the vast majority of men are completely tasting or interacting with their own cum.  I kind of understand it because when I was a young man I thought that anything involving cum was gay, that cum is nasty, that cum isn't good for you to swallow, etc.  I came up with all these reasons in my head as to why I was forbidden to taste my cum.

But the biggest reason most men don't want their own cum is due to a serious flaw in the male sexual process: the refractory period.  You know how after you have an orgasm and you ejaculate, within seconds you immediately lose interest in sex?  That's your refractory period.  Most men have it and depending on age, the refractory period can last from seconds to minutes, to even hours.  For most men from 10 to 30, the refractory is usually about 10 to 20 minutes on average.  It's really a shame that we have to go through this refractory period, especially since women don't have a refractory period(which is why they can have orgasm after orgasm).  If men didn't have refractory periods, I think women in general would be much more satisfied in bed.

So what does the refractory period have to do with liking your own cum?

Well when most men orgasm, they ejaculate, and since they've had an orgasm they immediately have their refractory period and suddenly the cum in your hand or in your mouth doesn't seem all that great anymore.  The taste can even seem very different during the refractory period and most men end up going "WTF did I do that for?  I'm never doing that again!"

It's really too bad, but I understand where the average man comes from because for years I thought cum was awful(and only for the girls).  Though oddly enough, I've had a fetish for cum for years, so my feelings were rather contradictory.  I don't have a fetish for other mens' cum, but rather the sex acts you can do with cum is a huge turn-on.  If only I could use my own cum!  Again, I'm not attracted to men, but if I saw a porn where girls had cum in their mouths and made out and swapped it between each other, I really got horny imagining myself in the place of one of the girls in the porn(go ahead, make fun of me).  I wanted to know what it would be like to kiss a girl with warm creamy cum in our mouths; the feeling of the white goo covering our tongues, and our tongues slipping over each other with the slickery cum in between them.  The idea was so exciting to me, but surely I couldn't accomplish this because I hated my cum once I'd orgasm.

What's the secret to enjoying your own cum?

After years of experimenting while masturbating and having sex, I came to realize that the orgasm and the ejaculation, while closely related, can actually be almost completely mutually exclusive.  It's actually possible to ejaculate(while maybe having a "mini orgasm") without having a refractory period!  Ejaculation can actually happen separately from orgasm!  I became amazed as I learned how to do this, and I actually was able to perfect this technique while having real sex(oddly enough it's easier).

What is "edging"?

Edging is the secret to ejaculating and achieving partial-orgasm and delaying the refractory period.  So once you ejaculate, you can continue fucking or have whatever fun you want and still be horny!

Now the kind of edging I do is slightly different from the common definition of edging, but it's still edging none-the-less.  Edging is known as getting as close to orgasm as possible and right when the orgasm is about to happen, you stop the stimulation to your genitals.  Doing this kind of edging repetitively helps you build up cum for a nice ejaculation, and when you finally decide to orgasm, you get a nice strong orgasm.

My method of edging is similar but a little different.  Instead of cutting off stimulation completely and putting off the orgasm/ejaculation, when you are about to orgasm you instead slow down the stimulation just to the point where you ejaculate a little and maybe even have a mini orgasm without having a refractory period.  When I say ejaculate a little, it can actually depend.  Since you're not having a full on orgasm, it can be difficult to ejaculate more than just a little bit.  But it is actually possible, with practice, to actually have a considerably large ejaculation when doing this edging.

Since I'm a very horny guy, I can usually ejaculate up to 3 times before cumming in my girlfriend when we fuck, but I've been able to ejaculate up to 8 times before having a full orgasm!  It's an incredible experience, and I wish more people knew how to do it!  Even if you don't want to eat your cum, cum is probably the best sex lubricant ever.  Since I can have multiple ejaculations, within minutes I can make for my girlfriend and I some fresh warm cum lube!  Seriously, fresh cum beats Astroglide by a long shot.  It's even better than freezing your cum for later!  There really is nothing like fresh cum.  My girl loves having her pussy filled and covered in my cum!  I'm often shocked at how much I can cum.

This article really isn't about edging though, but I am going to write another article going into my edging technique in detail.  Stay tuned!

So you can use edging to taste your own cum?

Once you learn how to have multiple ejaculations, you will be able to taste your own cum without losing the desire.  When I perfected edging and tried cumming in my mouth for the first time, I couldn't believe the difference!  Cum isn't really that bad, especially when it's fresh.  It's said that taste can vary due to diet, though honestly my cum had very little taste.  My girlfriend says it's a tiny bit salty though I've never noticed that.  Cum is fun stuff when you can enjoy it!  It's such a unique texture; gooey and very slick!  I've never come across any substance that could truly replicate the erotic qualities of cum.  It's great to slosh around your mouth as you masturbate!

How should I taste my cum for the first time?

Even when you've learned how to edge, it can still be hard to build up the courage to finally try your cum while you're horny for the first time.  Most men have at least attempted to taste their own juices at one point or another, and most don't want to go through the post-orgasm gag again.  But you have to trust me when I say that cum is so much different when you're horny.  It tastes and smells different, and it's hardly objectionable.

One of the best ways to try your own cum for the first time is to lie upside down on the floor, use the wall to put your legs over your head so that you can aim your cock towards your mouth.  Then jerk yourself off and ejaculate directly into your mouth.  Not only is it kind of exciting to try, but the cum doesn't become contaminated and goes straight into your mouth.

Another more obvious way is to cum in a sterile plastic cup, but this idea is a bit less reliable since there's time for you to change your mind.  Cumming into your own mouth gives you less time to chicken out.

Arguably, the best way to try it is to do it with your girlfriend.  If you already like eating out her pussy, if you can ejaculate in or on her pussy, you can try your own cum while eating her out.  This makes some girls really horny and the slimy stimulation to her pussy may become irresistible to you both!  It's the best method because having a female there will definitely help you stay horny.  You could also lick the cum off of any other part of her body if you want to.

Please pardon me, my gay readers.  Since I'm a straight man, I can only really share my ideas from a heterosexual viewpoint.  Don't be discouraged to try these things with your partner, regardless of gender.

After being able to taste your own cum, it won't be long before you gain an appreciation for it and start incorporating your cum into your sexual routine.

So let's get back to cum kissing.

It's actually not that difficult do convince a girl to cum kiss with you.  Normally it's difficult to get most girls to not refuse to partake in a perverted act, but heterosexual girls usually figure they're going to have to take cum into their mouths at some point.  Most girls really love being kissed to begin with, so they might find cum kissing just as erotic as you do!

If you've ever watched porn, it should be fairly obvious how you'd start cum kissing.  Cumming in her mouth would be awesome, but cumming on her pussy and licking out the cream pie can also be an awesome way of starting off a cum kiss.  It can also be fun to cum on her tits and suckle the cum off her nipples!  This is especially good for those with a breast feeding fetish. ;)

Then whoever has the cum can go up to their partner and kiss with the cum and even swap it back and forth.  It's really nice feeling the slickery cum over your partner's lips when you kiss her/him!

Isn't this called "snowballing"?

Well, no... and yes.  Snowballing in particular refers to taking cum into one's mouth and basically spitting it or letting it drip into another person's mouth.  Because the cum gets thoroughly mixed with spit, it actually expands and grows a little bit, so the white glob gets larger each time it drips from mouth to mouth.  In other words, the cum snowballs, hence the term "snowballing".

While kissing is usually involved at some point in snowballing, cum kissing itself isn't necessarily considered snowballing and snowballing may not always involve kissing.  In cum kissing, the cum is usually swapped a little and swallowed, and the main point usually isn't to cause the cum to snowball.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of snowballing.  It's kinda hot when I watch it, but I'm not a fan of actually doing it.  Since it involves a lot of spitting, it comes off as kinda gross and I don't know exactly why.  I find that since the act is mostly absent of kissing/tongueing/making out, it's just not all that exciting.

Cum swapping would be a more appropriate term, and I find the term "cum swapping" more sexy than "snowballing".  Cum swapping is usually less about the spitting and often begins or ends with some nice making out.  The act of moving the cum between mouths is ultra hot.

The reason I prefer cum kissing is that the part that makes me the horniest is feeling the gooey cum swirl around in our mouths and on our tongues when we(my girlfriend and I) kiss.  It's really one of my favorite things.  I'd really like to see more porn with some more direct cum kissing rather than simply swapping and snowballing.

Negative aspects of cum kissing in porn?

Can't think of any, really.  The act itself isn't really that degrading as the recipient of cum is usually portrayed as enjoying it, and there's really nothing wrong with anyone wanting to take cum in the mouth.  The kissing and swapping is also a very sensual experience against two or more people.  I'm very pleased to see that cum play has become very prominent in mainstream porn and I think it's positive to show sexual fluid as something that's fun and sexy, not something that's dirty.

Isn't it gay to eat your cum?

Let me put it this way: If it's not gay to stroke your own dick, or fuck a girl in her ass, then eating your own cum is just as gay as that.

Even if it were somehow considered gay, why should that stop you?  If you enjoy something, why prevent yourself from enjoying it?  If taking my own cum in my mouth and making out with my girlfriend with it is gay, then I'm a flaming homosexual.


  1. My wife snowballs me after every blowjob and I absolutely love it. I have no desire to eat my own cum if I jerk off into my hand, but it's much different, more erotic if my cum have first been ejaculated into my wife's mouth. The taste is not bad at all and the texture of semen is intoxicating.

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